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Love Letters to Cassini (2017 – )Weigel

Forgotten Orbits (2016 – 2018)lost-orbits

Solstice Solace (2016)Weigel (2)

Machine to Discover Light & Space As Such (2016)light-drawing-5-square

Something or Another from the Middle of Somewhere (2015)kamiposi-1

The Meet of the Matter (2014)the-meet-of-the-matter

Liminal Space(s) (2011-2013)img_2813

Critique of Pure Reason

The RejoiningThe Rejoining

Conversation With A StoneConversation With A Stone series

Nature Structures

Medium Format FilmMedium Format Film Photography

Vakuum seriesVakuum (Vaccuum) series

Architectures (2017 – )

Captures Orbits (In Three Acts) (2018)The InsideOut_05 WEBSITE.jpg

Structures (for all) (2016)0001011010-2

Holdfasts (2015)weigel-9-cropped

Prospectus (2014)Prospectus

[          ] (2013)WEIGEL [ ] (1)

Cool Fusion (2011)Found Objects sculptures

Light DialoguesLight Dialogue series


The Differences Are SuperficialThe Differences Are Superficial

Gelatin Silver PrintsGelatin Silver Prints

Unnatural NatureUnnatural Nature series


Latent Offerings (2017 – )04_Weigel_Jake

Under the Mountains (2016-2017)img_0005

Treatise On The Light (2015-2016)wi

What It Is Not (2015)

Quanta (2013)

Public Sculpture




Digital Photography/TravelDigital Photography

Still Life series

ReconstructionsReconstruction series