Artist’s Statement


As far as I can tell everything is a synthesis of relationships, of one entity being defined not by itself alone, but by another entity and the space in between. To define one thing is to define another and that is a challenge of reality and the human condition. This exploration of the human condition and the multiple dimensions involved is paramount to my art making process. Although infinite in possibilities I begin with interests in art theory, literature, philosophy, historical events, political systems, ecology, mysticism, and theoretical physics. From observation and a focus on materiality, I attempt to simultaneously define the variables and create a new synthesis, discovering connections between these seemingly disparate areas of study. This synthesis, or new spatial awareness, is the practice of creation itself, the resulting art as a physical manifestation, both successes and failures.

The focus of this spatial concept in my work is to proffer information not easily grasped, instilling a longing for more information or answers while giving none in particular. This can further be achieved by a continuous play between the revelation and concealment of object and illusion, existence and essence. Ultimately, the negative space and lack of information is intended to relate directly to being and questions the profound human condition of unknowingness. The scarcity of meaning or information allows the viewer to directly confront this condition through the actual absence of material or meaning. It is objective knowledge and personal narrative formed to create visual poetry, where matter and the ineffable meet.


Working for my father’s construction company has been indispensible in development of knowledge with materials and processes used in traditional methods in sculpture. Woodworking has been my first love and I have the expertise in metal fabrication including welding and all processes for casting bronze, aluminum and iron. I value craftsmanship, conceptual investigation of art, and seeking a balance for successful visual communication in my own art. Intermedia and cross-disciplinary approaches are inherent with a strong affinity for research in a variety of areas. I have always been curious in the way things work with art allowing me to work between intuitive investigations and factual analysis. Recent collaborations with colleagues has allowed for further focus on this practice through computer-based and scientific research with tactile but more subjective exploration in the studio. This has expanded on my passion for contemporary approaches including installation, video, sound, performance, CNC processes, 3D printing, physical computing and I continually build upon techniques as a new language in my art.